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Sauvy™ - for optimal expression of varietal thiol aromas

Sauvy™ is well suited for the production of intense and fresh aromatic white wines. Wines fermented with this wine yeast show typical flavor profiles described as boxwood, gooseberry, tomato leaf, passion fruit, citrus and black currant. Sauvy™  also favors refreshing and crisp mouthfeel.

This wine yeast has been selected through an innovative microbiological approach based on cellular division for diversity exploration. Its unique metabolism and enzymatic activities result in an exceptional potential to uptake and release volatile thiols, especially 4MMP. Combining those distinctive properties and abilities to express other aromas, Sauvy™ is the ideal wine yeast for thiolic varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Vermentino, Gros Manseng, Colombard.

Published Jun 7, 2020

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