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ML Prime™: New applications for this selected wine bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum) with a very high and fast malolactic activity

Lallemand Oenology developed ML Prime™ to support the co-inoculation process (i.e. inoculation of ML Prime™ 24h after wine yeast addition) in the red winemaking process, without the risk of VA increase. The only one available to winemakers, ML Prime™ ensures complete and very fast MLF – 3 to 7 days – when properly used in its application frame.

The high success rate when used in co-inoculated red wine fermentation and at the request of winemakers, we fine-tuned the conditions of use of ML Prime™ for other applications. When co-inoculated in white musts, ML Prime™ can conduct a partial or total MLF based on the must conditions. To use it in sequential inoculation both in whites or reds is also possible, but you first need to check its efficacy with a specific pre-lab test designed by our R&D team

Published Jul 9, 2020

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