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Lalvin ICV Thermo Premium

Selected by Institut Coopératif du Vin, France

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Competitive Factor

General Sensory Contribution
Enhances varietal characters

Red Wine

For Thermovinication

In thermovinification winemaking process, alcoholic fermentation control and sensory goal achievement are the two major challenges to success. In this context, the choice of the yeast is particularly important and significantly contributes to your success. To assist you in this process, the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV®) offers a new mix of yeasts: Lalvin ICV Thermo Premium®. This mix has been designed and validated by ICV for thermovinification workshops. Complementarity between these two yeasts provides a low-latency, high resistance to alcohol and high kinetics efficiency. Fermentative qualities of Lalvin ICV Thermo Premium® allows you to limit risk of complicated end of alcoholic fermentation. Better control of your process and complementary action of yeast Lalvin ICV Thermo Premium® contribute to the achievement of your wine goal : • An varietal and fruity aromatic expression • Mouthfeel without final aggressiveness, even on juice from grapes ripe enough • A coating tannic structure including on grapes with phenolic maturity imperfect, with good color stability.

Fermentation Speed

Lag Phase

MLF Compatibility

Nitrogen Needs

Alcohol Tolerance
16 %

Volatile Acidity

SO₂ Production

Suitability for co-Inoculation
Very recommended

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