(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

The first wine active dry yeast specifically selected for direct inoculation

  • Suitable for organic wine (EU 2018/848)
  • Suitable for NOP
  • Vegan

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Product details

HOP™ has been selected in collaboration with INRAE (Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’alimentation et l’Environnement) in the frame of a European Marie-Curie ITN project called “YEASTCELL”. The main objective of this research program was to understand and improve yeast stress resistance when inoculating it in a juice or must without prior rehydration. Through an innovative and non-GMO method of selection based on evolutionary adaptation simulating challenging and stressful winemaking conditions, HOP™ acquired a unique genetic background that offers a reinforced cell wall structure and a multi-stress resistance profile. This extra membrane integrity allows HOP™ to endure difficult conditions right from inoculation until the end of fermentation, while maintaining a typical high vitality.

Wine types


Technical information

  • Competitive factor: Sensitive
  • Minimum temperature: 14 °C
  • Maximum temperature: 30 °C
  • Nutritional needs: Low
  • MLF compatibility: Neutral
  • SO2production: Low
  • Fermentation rate: Fast
  • Alcohol tolerance: 16 %

Product documentation