Our wine enzymes

Enzymes are a very effective tool and play a decisive role in the oenological process: a few grams of our wine enzymes can enhance the quality of the wine or resolve a difficulty in the process.
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As a world leading expert in wine biotechnologies, Lallemand Oenology has developed a complete range of specific wine enzymes, LALLZYME™ to optimise wine quality and the winemaking process.

High activity raw materials

  • LALLZYME™ enzymes are Lallemand Oenology recipes which formulations are based on our expertise, our research and trial results carried out over several years and countries.
  • For our LALLZYME™ range, we select high activity raw materials for each enzyme formulation to reach a precise goal, with the maximum impact in terms of quality, action time and yield.

From skin maceration to storage and ageing

Our wine enzymes can help winemakers to: 

  • Increase the content of aroma precursors, phenolic compounds and polysaccharides of their must and wine 
  • Increase yield and free-run juice proportion 
  • Obtain a clear must maintaining the nutritional and aromatic richness of the must, even in challenging conditions 
  • Reach a higher extraction of colour and tannins, stable over time 
  • Enhance wine aromas 
  • Protect their wines against the adverse effect of Botrytis cinerea contamination