Fermaid E™

Complex Yeast Nutrient

  • Geeignet für Biowein (EU 2018/848)
  • Vegan

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FERMAID ® E is a special complex yeast nutrient suitable for use in alcohol fermentation of grape must, fruit mashes, sparkling wines. Developed by Lallemand, the use of FERMAID ® E reduces the occurrence of sluggish and stuck fermentations. FERMAID ® E helps the maximum cell density get through the stationary phase and complete alcohol fermentation as quickly and as efficiently as possible especially under limiting available nitrogen conditions. Healthy yeast fermentation will take preferential priority over a bacterial fermentation and will have a reduced SO2 requirement. To facilitate the efficient and rapid end of the fermentation, FERMAID ® E supplements a series of important nutrients and bio-factors: – Inactive Yeast Hull Product – Di-Ammonium Phosphate – Ammonium Sulphate – Thiamine



Technische Information

  • Produkttyp: Nutrient
  • Anwendung: At the begining and 1/3 of the fermentation
  • Verwendung: Complete nutrition for yeast
  • Nährstoffe für : Yeast
  • Dosierung : 20.00-40.00