In oenology, lactic acid bacteria are responsible for malolactic fermentation by converting malic acid into lactic acid. In parallel to this biological deacidification, some of our wine bacteria can also contribute to the quality and sensory complexity of wines due to their specific metabolism.


Lallemand Oenology has been involved in producing wine bacteria since the 1990’s. Its expertise has helped develop 3 very distinct bacteria production processes, offering products that meet winemakers‘ concerns, various oenological conditions and regulatory requirements.
Each process has its own specific features and operating mode:
1-Standard® process: to secure MLF on sparkling wines and acidic white wines. Wine bacteria need to be used with apropagation steps over several days.
2-MBR® process: to offer simple and easy-to-use products, able to be added directly (with or without rehydration) in the
3-1-Step® process:toprovide, after a short acclimatization step (18-24h), solutions in wide physico-chemical conditions (pH, alcohol, etc.).
With these 3 production processes, our goals are to provide winemakers, efficient freeze-dried wine bacteria with a robust shelflife and good resistance to transport and storage conditions. Our portfolio contains many different wine bacteria well characterized for their oenological and sensory properties; they are sold under our renowkned brands :Uvaferm®, Lalvin®, and Enoferm®.


In addition to this industrial expertise, Lallemand Oenology R&D favours collaboration with scientific partners to select and characterize (oenological and sensory properties) our various Oenococcus oeni and Lactobacillus plantarum. Our research also focus on the timing of inoculation, nutritional needs, the bacteria-yeast interactions, the metabolism of our wine bacteria and their impact on the sensory profiles of wines .

More than a deacidifiation tool to control the malolactic fermentation, our wine bacteria produts are true wine making agents and are becoming essential allies in cellars for different reasons matching with the market needs.