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In collaboration with IUVV, Dijon France

In the juice or the grapes before fermentation

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Preservation of colors and aroma over time. Protection from oxidation



The king of natural antioxidants

GLUTASTAR™ is a new natural SPECIFIC INACTIVATED YEAST WITH GUARANTEED GLUTATHIONE LEVEL, dedicated to the protection of white and rosé wines against oxidation. Added to the grapes or the must at the earliest stage in winemaking process, before the fermentation, the unique properties of GLUTASTAR™ confer to the wine an efficient protection against browning and aroma oxidation, a better aromatic expression, freshness, and a longer preservation of thiols and esters. The addition of GLUTASTAR™ contributes not only to enhance aromatic intensity and persistency thanks to the release of a high level of stabilizing peptides, but also to increase mouthfeel perception and wine thickness due to the polysaccharides enrichment, both in white and rosé wines.

20-40 g/hL


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