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Add to must or toward the end of fermentation

For Mouthfeel, color & aroma protection

Vino bianco

Vino rosato

For mouthfeel, color and aroma protection in white wines

OPTI-WHITE® is a specific inactivated yeast with high antioxidant properties. Its application in white wines is patent pending. Using OPTI-WHITE® on the juice at the beginning of fermentation results in rounder mouthfeel and greater aromatic complexity in white wines. As its unique properties protect against oxidation of phenols and aromas, OPTI-WHITE® contributes to better color preservation and the aromatic freshness of white wines. Yeast cell wall components from OPTI-WHITE® will be solubilized during fermentation and aging. Mostly mannoproteins, these polysaccharides will have a very positive impact on mouthfeel, bringing more roundness to the wine. Their action will enhance the benefits of autolysis following alcoholic fermentation. Dosage recommendations: Add OPTI-WHITE® to the juice at 30-50 g/hL (2.4-4 lb/1000 gal) for a round mouthfeel contribution, antioxidative color protection and aromatic freshness. Add OPTI-WHITE® towards the end of fermentation at 20-30 g/hL (1.6-2.4 lb/1000 gal) for mouthfeel contribution and better integration of wood and alcohol.

20-50 g/hL

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