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Vin rouge

Vin blanc

The Rocket, supports tannin structure

The PN4™ bacteria was isolated from a spontaneous malolactic fermentation in a Pinot noir by the Institute of San Michele in Trentino, Italy. This bacteria demonstrates its capacity to achieve malolactic fermentation for red and white wines in difficult conditions of pH, alcohol and S02. Microvinification testing of the PN4™ on a laboratory scale has been confirmed at more than 30 Trentino wineries. The PN4™ bacteria is well suited for spicy and structured Pinot noir wines, and may also be used to carry out malolactic fermentation in Chardonnay.

Tolérance à l'alcool
15.5 %

Tolérance au pH

Tolérance totale au SO₂
<60 mg/L

Besoin en nutriments

Tolérance à la temperature min.
16 °C

Tolérance à la temperature max.
28 °C

Production de diacétyl pendant la co-inoculation

Impact organoleptique
Spicy Structure Complexity

Production de diacétyl pour l'inoculation post FA
Modérée à élevée

Amines biogènes

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