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IOC Inobacter™

The ideal bacterial strains for conducting MLF in low pH wines, such as sparkling wine.

Adding selected bacteria triggers malolactic fermentation for white and rosé wines. INOBACTER™ is used following a three stage protocol (reactivation, acclimatisation and seeding the tank) which enables bacteria to adapt to the lowest pHs. INOBACTER™ can be used as co-inoculation with yeast or inoculated after the completion of alcoholic fermentation The excellent tolerance of this strain to extreme wine conditions enables an effective malic acid metabolism.

Tolérance à l'alcool
14 %

Tolérance au pH
> 2.9

Tolérance totale au SO₂
50 mg/L

Production de diacétyl pendant la co-inoculation
Très basse

Production de diacétyl pour l'inoculation post FA
Très basse

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