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Oenococcus oeni

Vin rouge

Vin blanc

A simple solution to inoculate your barrels

Selected wine bacteria for malolactic fermentation are now available in a tablet form. Malotabs™ is a specific Oenococcus oeni tablet developed for an easy and simple inoculation in barrels and an easy induction of malolactic fermentation. Easy-to-use and easy-to-add to barrels, Malotabs™ ensure a fast bacterial dissolution and dispersion, complete and homogeneous throughout the entire volume of the barrel. Developped in collaboration with Eurotab®

Tolérance à l'alcool
16 %

Tolérance au pH

Tolérance totale au SO₂
60 mg/L

Tolérance à la temperature min.
16 °C

Tolérance à la temperature max.
25 °C

Production de diacétyl pour l'inoculation post FA

Dégradation de l'acide citrique
Dégradation tardive durant la FML

Amines biogènes

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