(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

The sleeping beauty yeast

  • Convient au vin biologique (EU 2018/848)
  • Convient pour NOP
  • Vegane

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Détails du produit

The 1895C™ yeast strain was discovered in 2008 by Professor Dr. Jürg Gafner in a white wine produced in a village close to the Lake Zurich in Switzerland (a Räuschling wine produced in 1895 at the Schwarzenbach Winery) and successfully isolated to be cultivated, in the frame of a collaborative project with “Swiss Wineyeast GMBH”. The particular fermentation properties of the 1895C™ yeast strain bring optimum results when used in white wines, rosé wines, sparkling wines and fruit and grain mash destined for distillation. The special structure of the smaller yeast cells from the 1895C™ wine yeast produces a much-reduced amount of biomass and yeast lees compared to other wine yeasts and enhances the varietal character of the wines. Low foaming strain with very low production of volatile acidity and H2S.

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Information technique

  • Contribution organoleptique générale : Enhances varietal aromas
  • Température minimale : 16 °C
  • Température maximale: 32 °C
  • Besoins nutritionnels: Faibles
  • Compatibilité FML : neutre
  • Production de SO2: Faibles
  • Vitesse de fermentation : Modérée
  • Tolérance à l'alcool : 15 %

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