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Détails du produit

OPTI’MALO BLANC™ is a malolactic fermentation nutrient specifically formulated from inactivated yeast fractions for the application of conducting MLF in challenging white wines. OPTI’MALO BLANC™ was developed by Lallemand after intensive investigations into specific nutritional requirements of lactic acid bacteria. The bioavailability of certain peptides strongly favor the growth of Lallemand selected wine bacteria and are particularly effective in reducing the MLF duration especially under more difficult white winemaking conditions.

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Information technique

  • Type de produit: Nutrient
  • Application: Nutrition for ML Bacteria in white wine
  • Approuvé par l'OMRI
  • Utilisation : To compensate must deficiency in nitrogen & micronutrients
  • Nutriments pour : Bacteria
  • Dose : 20

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