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OptiMUM White™

Desarrollado por Lallemand

Inicio de fermentación

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Aroma intensity and longevity


Vino blanco

Vino rosado

Specific inactivated yeast for aromas’ intensity

OptiMUM-White®, a new natural specific inactivated yeast rich in glutathione (antioxidant properties) and polysaccharides, is the result of a new optimized production process that enhances glutathione bioavailability. Added to the must at the earliest stage of alcoholic fermentation (after settling), OptiMUM-White® provides must with protection against oxidation. In terms of aroma quality, the wine has better preservation of thiols and esters after one year of aging in the bottle. Due to the polysaccharides release, OptiMUM-White® addition increases the mouthfeel perception and contributes to enhance the wine complexity.

20-40 g/hL

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