Our selected wine bacteria

Our selected natural wine bacteria are essential to stabilise wine. They are more than deacidification tools during malolactic fermentation: they are true winemaking agents and allies for winemakers. They are also key players in the development of the sensory profile of wines.
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The strengths of our wine bacteria

Since the 1990’s, we have been convinced of the positive impact our selected wine bacteria. We also pioneered the successful concept of co-inoculation and revolutionised this winemaking step. Our MBR wine bacteria are easy to use and enable direct inoculation in musts or wines without any rehydration step.

  • Efficient and rapid malolactic fermentation
  •  Bioprotection against Brettanomyces and spoilage bacteria
  • SO2- reduction strategies
  • Finetuning wine sensory profile of the wine
  • Restarting stuck malolactic fermentation
  • Diacetyl management
  • Energy saving through co-inoculation practice which reduces the carbon footprint of wineries
  • Microbial stabilisation of the finished wine
  • Wine colour protection

Reliable and proven quality

Benefiting from the rigorous Lallemand’s exclusive production processes: Standard, MBR™ and 1-STEP™, our active freeze-dried wine bacteria products:

  • Perform effectively in their frame of applications and according to their instructions of use
  • Have a robust shelf-life and are easy to preserve  
  • Benefit from a unique and simple logistics system with flexibility in shipping methods and possibility of breaking the cold chain without risk

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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