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Sulphur defect management

Red Wine

White Wine

Sulfur defect management

REDULESS™ is a unique-yeast derived product formulated to reduce sulfur off-aromas and improve the overall wine quality. Sulfur off-aromas are common defects that are sometimes very difficult to remove or mask in wine, and can be the result of biological and non-biological factors that diminish the fruit and contribute to aggressive mouthfeel sensations. REDULESS™ has been developed for red and white wine treatment to: • Reduce H2S, DMS, DES and other sulfur-related defects in wine • Increase overall quality of the wines (more mouthfeel, fewer phenol-related off-flavors). Dosage recommendation: Add 10 to 15 g/hL, depending on the severity of the sulfur defect in the wine.

10-30 g/hL

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