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Opti Malo Blanc™

Nutrition for ML Bacteria in white wine

Nutrients For

What For
To compensate must deficiency in nitrogen & micronutrients

White Wine

Rosé Wine

The nutrient for malolactic fermentation

White and rosé winemaking conditions are not always suitable for the growth of bacteria, so the risk of inhibition by deficiencies of growth factors should be avoided. Clarification, sometimes excessive, of white wines can accentuate the risk of nutritional deficiencies and thus slow down the MLF duration. Lallemand has designed this nutrient after intensive investigations into LAB’s specific nutritional requirements. Lallemands recent studies showed that the bioavailability of certain peptides strongly favour the growth of Lallemand selected wine bacteria and are particularly effective in reducing the MLF duration in white winemaking conditions.

20 g/hL

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