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Glutastar improves freshness and increases shelflife in your aromatic whites and rose.

The GlutaStar Journey

Our video retraces the history of our latest glutathione-rich inactivated yeast, Glutastar, developed to protect white and rosés #musts and #wines from oxidation while reducing the use of SO2.

The video showcases how this innovative tool was researched and developed in a 5-year fruitful collaboration with the #IUVV in Dijon, France, and notably with Regis Gougeon team and particularly Florian Bahut thesis.

You will also learn about #metabolomics, an innovative analytical approach designed to understand how wines can resist oxidation. Finally, you will understand the mode of action of Glutastar, which efficiency does not only rely on its #glutathione content but also on a high anti-radical activity.


Published Dec 14, 2020 | Updated Apr 29, 2024

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