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Reskue - A new selected wine yeast cell-wall to adsorb fermentation inhibitor

Reskue is a newly developed yeast cell walls preparation from wine yeast. This product has a high adsorption to remove short and medium chain fatty acids and pesticide residues.





BactilessTM is a 100% natural non-GMO and non-allergenic biopolymer from fungal Aspergillus niger origin which helps to control the bacteria population in wines. BactilessTM helps to lower the viable acetic and lactic bacteria population. This product however does not affect the yeast population. Its antibacterial effect can be enhanced with the use of SO2, but does not replace it.
Recommended dosage varies from 20 g/hl – 50 g/hl in cases of very high contamination. A minimum contact time of 10 days is needed. After treatment, rack the wine from its lees.

Bactiless TDS

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Lalvigne® - Grow your wine

The first directed research towards viticulture within the Lallemand group started in 2006, with first filed trials in Spain during 2011.  International trials followed in 2012 with a patent request in 2013.  During 2014, the Lalvigne® range of products was launch in the Northern Hemisphere.  The Southern Hemisphere followed in 2016.  At this point in time these products are tested and used in well over 25 countries on more than 70 grape varieties.  Also more than 25 scientific papers were already published in this field.  Take time to read through the Lalvigne® catalogue and familiarise yourself with more of the details on these exciting new and innovative products


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A natural polysaccharide extracted from a fungal source of chitin (Aspergillus niger). NO BRETT INSIDE™ has been shown to reduce Brettanomyces populations from 3 x 105 cells/mL to zero after 10 days of treatment. NO BRETT INSIDE™ has been approved for continual use in South Africa.