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GLUTASTAR : The king of natural antioxidants

GLUTASTARTM is the latest development in our range if SIY products. GLUTASTARTM offers guaranteed glutathione levels and considered to be the best natural anti-oxidant available.  Significant high levels of reduced glutathione and stabilizing peptides offer efficient protection against browning and oxidation of aromas in whites and rose, ensures better aroma expression, freshness and longevity.  GLUTASTARTM can be used on juice before the onset of fermentation as early as at the exit of the press.  Suggested dosage is 30 g/hl.


GLUTASTARTM , also called the king of natural antioxidants also contributes to mouth feel and fullness due to the polysaccharides.  This new and innovative development is a result of collaboration between Lallemand Inc. and the Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin de Dijon in France.  The combination of the original yeast strain used and the specific production process ensures GLUTASTARTM to release the highest level of reduced glutathione and stabilizing peptides showing a very high free radical scavenging activity.


Please see attached articles for more detailed information on GLUTASTARTM.

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