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GLUTASTAR™ is a new natural SPECIFIC INACTIVATED YEAST WITH GUARANTEED GLUTATHIONE LEVEL, dedicated to the protection of white and rosé wines against oxidation. Added to the grapes or the must at the earliest stage in winemaking process, before the fermentation, the unique properties of GLUTASTAR™ confer to the wine an efficient protection against browning and aroma oxidation, a better aromatic expression, freshness, and a longer preservation of thiols and esters. The addition of GLUTASTAR™ contributes not only to enhance aromatic intensity and persistency thanks to the release of a high level of stabilizing peptides, but also to increase mouthfeel perception and wine thickness due to the polysaccharides enrichment, both in white and rosé wines SIY with guaranteed GSH levels 2019 V3 (003)

Managing oxidative risk with biological tools – Glutastar™ in Pre-fermentation

Managing oxidative risk

Throughout winemaking, several steps are known as strategic key points where oxidation mechanisms can occur: transport of grapes, at pressing, stabulation, racking, at the beginning of AF, during cold stabilization, storage and transport. This Winemaking Update will focus on biological tools available to winemakers to control oxidation prior to the onset of alcoholic fermentation, more specifically on how the specific yeast derivative, Glutastar™ can support the process of managing oxidation in white and rosé wines in a strategy to reduce chemical intrant such as SO2. WUP - Oxidation - Glutastar ENG

Managing oxidative risk with biological tools Post-fermentation with Pure-Lees™ Longevity

Managing Oxidative Risk

We have seen in Part I of Managing oxidative risk with biological tools how to fight #oxidation in must with specific inactivated #yeast, such as Glutastar™, during pre-fermentation stages. But there are also sensitive stages post fermentation, where #wine needs to be protected from oxidation.   📝 A research conducted by the INRAE, under the supervision of SALMON JM showed the potential of specific inactivated yeasts to consume oxygen and protect wine from oxidation. One of the tested SIYs particularly stood out for its outstanding ability to scavenge oxygen. And it is now made available to #winemakers: PURE-LEES LONGEVITY.   Winery scale trials demonstrated that using PURE-LEES LONGEVITY at the most sensitive post-fermentation stages enables to protect the wine against oxidation while reducing SO₂ additions.   🍷 PURE-LEES LONGEVITY is an essential tool to control wine oxidation post-fermentation and can be part of an overall #bioprotection strategy to preserve wine #aromas and color, and confer a longer shelf life and a better market value to your wine.   Discover all the results in our Winemaking Update Part II 👉 WUP - Oxidation - Pure-Lees ENG

Glutastar improves freshness and increases shelflife in your aromatic whites and rose.

The GlutaStar Journey

Our video retraces the history of our latest glutathione-rich inactivated yeast, Glutastar, developed to protect white and rosés #musts and #wines from oxidation while reducing the use of SO2.

The video showcases how this innovative tool was researched and developed in a 5-year fruitful collaboration with the #IUVV in Dijon, France, and notably with Regis Gougeon team and particularly Florian Bahut thesis. You will also learn about #metabolomics, an innovative analytical approach designed to understand how wines can resist oxidation. Finally, you will understand the mode of action of Glutastar, which efficiency does not only rely on its #glutathione content but also on a high anti-radical activity. #Glutastar

Maintain oxidative stability of whites during aging.

Oxidative Stability

In order to maintain oxidative stability of whites during aging is a real challenge.  This particular study evaluated the antioxidant activities of soluble extracts of a number of oenological yeast derivatives with increased glutathione (GSH) enrichment.  The specific GSH enriched derivatives showed to be on average 3,3 times more efficient in “scavenging” radical species in comparison to the non-enriched derivatives.  This research opened up new insights into the analysis and development of yeast preparations dedicated to improve oxidative stability of wines.  

2020 FC Bahut Antioxidant activity from inactivated yeast Expanding knowledge beyond the GSH related oxydative stability of wine (002)

GLUTASTAR Oxidative stability of white rosé wines Wineland November 2019