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Enhance aromatic expressions in your wine

Beyond looking at nutrition or completing #fermentation, Lallemand Oenology has developed a range of #nutrients which aim at optimizing the aromatic expression of your #wines, by nourishing the #yeast and stimulating the yeast cell functions involved in aroma metabolism: the #Stimula range. 🔬 Each of the 4 products already available in the range are based on 4 wine yeast strains optimized with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to target specific varietals, like     #Sauvignon blanc,   #Chardonnay,   #Cabernet or #Syrah. 🍷  Together with our knowledge of yeast metabolism and with recent results from our research partners, we have defined the optimal moment to add our Stimula solutions, which differs from one product to the other and has been specifically finetuned to expand the aromatic complexity and the expression of your wines. ➡️  Jason Amos, one of the Area Managers for #lallemandoenology, tells you all about the Stimula range:


Glutastar improves freshness and increases shelflife in your aromatic whites and rose.

The GlutaStar Journey

Our video retraces the history of our latest glutathione-rich inactivated yeast, Glutastar, developed to protect white and rosés #musts and #wines from oxidation while reducing the use of SO2.

The video showcases how this innovative tool was researched and developed in a 5-year fruitful collaboration with the #IUVV in Dijon, France, and notably with Regis Gougeon team and particularly Florian Bahut thesis. You will also learn about #metabolomics, an innovative analytical approach designed to understand how wines can resist oxidation. Finally, you will understand the mode of action of Glutastar, which efficiency does not only rely on its #glutathione content but also on a high anti-radical activity. #Glutastar

LalVigne : Improving ripening from veraison

LalVigne : Grow Your Wine

Two new and innovative products from Lallemand's research and development team is Lalvigne AROMA and Lalvigne MATURELalvigne AROMA for whitesincreases and advances the accumulation of aroma precursors and skin thickness, but reduces aggressive herbaceous characters.  Whereas Lalvigne MATURE for reds increases and advances phenolic maturity.  It also increases skin thickness and skin tannins. Futhermore there are various advantages for viticulture, such as protection due to the increased berry skin thickness and more balanced grapes.  It also allows advance harvest and reduces the loss of yield which leads to increased profitability. To see more oenology advantages and feedback on the actual trials done in the USA as well as RSA, please look at the below document. Catalogo-LalVigne-2018-ENG

Nutrients and Protectors under Investigation 2018

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Specific Inactivated Yeasts Under Investigation, July 2018

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