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Relationships between the wine yeast inoculation method and the composition and sensory profile of wines

By F. Bordet, C. Raynal, A. Ortiz-Julien, A. Silvano, J.M. Heras, A. Dumont

Wine yeasts play a crucial role in the winemaking process and are essential to induce and achieve alcoholic fermentation (AF). Different options are available to winemakers, including spontaneous fermentation or fermentations with the use of selected wine yeast. This latter option offers better control of the AF, the quality and the style of the wine, while still respecting the typicity of the grapes and avoiding spoilage development.

Published May 19, 2024 | Updated Jun 19, 2024

Alcoholic fermentationAromas estersAromas terpenesAromas thiolsWine Yeast

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