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RESKUE: Specific inactivated yeast with highly adsorptive properties for treating stuck fermentations

RESKUE: A new selected wine yeast cell-wall to adsorb fermentation inhibitors.

Grape must composition may have inhibiting toxic compounds that affect yeast viability and fermentation activity, resulting in sluggish or stuck primary alcohol fermentations. Inhibiting toxic compounds, such as short- and medium-chain fatty acids (SMCFA) have been widely described for their inhibition of alcohol fermentation. Yeast cell walls are commonly used to eliminate these SMCFA to enable complete and steady fermentations. Pesticide residues (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides) can negatively impact the production of aromas (namely esters) and the wine fruit character (Noguerol-Pato et al, 2014). RESKUE is a selected wine yeast cell wall, well characterized at both the biochemical and physical properties level, and possessing a high sorption capacity. RESKUE is an efficient tool for removing SMCFA and pesticide residues, ensuring a healthy and complete primary fermentation. Suitable for use in all wine types.