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Lalvin 31™

Selected from IFV France

Oenoccocus oeni

Red Wine

White Wine

For cool climate, adapted to low pH and low temperature wines

Lalvin 31™ (MBR®) was selected by the Institut Technique du Vin (ITV), France, and performs well under such stressful conditions as low pH (>3.1) or low temperature (>14°C/57°F). Final color intensity depends on the duration of malolactic fermentation (MLF). By being able to carry out MLF at low temperature, Lalvin 31® gives the winemaker control to obtain wine with higher color intensity and stability; Lalvin 31™is noted for its good sensory balance in red and white wines, and for low production of biogenic amines; Lalvin 31™ benefits from the addition of a alolactic nutrient such as Opti’Malo PLUS™.

Alcohol Tolerance
14 %

pH Tolerance
> 3.10

SO₂ Total Tolerance
< 45 mg/L

Nutrient Demand

Min. Temperature Tolerance
13 °C

Max. Temperature Tolerance
28 °C

Diacetyl Production during co-Inoculation
Very low

Sensory Impact
Structure Fruity Freshness

Diacetyl Production by Post AF Inoculation
Moderate to Low

Citric Acid Degradation
Late to moderate degradation during MLF

Biogenic Amines

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