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Booster rouge™

Researched by the ICV

At the beginning and end of alcoholic fermentation

What For
For higher tannin intensity in red wines


Red Wine

For higher tannin intensity in red wines

Booster Rouge® originates from a specific natural wine yeast isolated and selected by the ICV. The yeast macromolecules in Booster Rouge® interact with red wine polyphenols resulting in a positive influence on the colloidal balance of the wine. Especially when used in red must sourced from hot climates, Booster Rouge® wines are perceived as having higher fore-mouth volume and mid-palate tannic intensity, as well as fresher aromatic sensations. Booster Rouge® compliments short maceration premium reds fermented with Lalvin ICV GRE™ for mid-palate intensity and fresh varietal aromas, while avoiding sensations of aggressive and drying tannins. In ultrapremium reds from balanced ripe mature grapes, Booster Rouge® shows good synergy with Lalvin ICV D80® and Lalvin ICV D21™ for enhancing licorice aromas and mid-palate intensity. Booster Rouge® may also be added towards the end of fermentation to contribute fore-mouth volume, mid-palate tannin intensity and help with alcohol integration. Dosage recommendation: Add Booster Rouge® to the must at 227 g/ton (0.5 lb/ton) or 30 g/hL (2.4 lb/1000 gal) towards the end of fermentation.

30 g/hL

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