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Good Practices for Restarting a Stuck Fermentation

A sluggish or stuck alcoholic fermentation (AF) can be avoided by using good rehydration practices, yeast protection and balanced nutrition. However, certain physical or chemical factors remain uncontrollable and accidents can happen during the winemaking process, resulting in problems for the AF.

Please consult our vinification guide on how to restart a stuck fermentation by clicking on the following link : Download PDF

Bacteria rehydration

Lallemand offers two popular formats of freeze-dried bacteria cultures:

The MBR® form of malolactic bacteria represents a Lallemand acclimatization process that subjects the bacteria cells to various biophysical stresses, making them better able to withstand the rigors of direct addition to wine. The conditioned MBR® bacteria that survive are robust and possess the ability to conduct reliable malolactic fermentation (MLF), even under difficult wine conditions.

1-STEP® : The 1-TEP® starter kit contains one of our popular MBR® bacteria and an activator mix that require a short acclimatization protocol to “wake-up” the bacteria and activate their metabolism. Unlike the MBR® cultures, the 1-STEP® cultures are not preconditioned at our Lallemand bacteria facility and therefore require a simple rehydration/activation step 24 hours before they can be inoculated into the wine.

Four popular MBR® bacteria – ENOFERM ALPHA™, ENOFERM BETA™, LALVIN VP41® and PN4™ – are now available as 1-STEP® starter kit cultures. The 1-STEP® cultures perform as well as or better than MBR® cultures, especially under more challenging MLF conditions, and they are recommended for restarting stuck MLF.


Easy rehydration and inoculation protocol for MBR® bacteria cultures and for 1-STEP bacteria culture : Download PDF


Proper Yeast Rehydration

Four Easy Steps for Rehydrating Yeast and Inoculating Must at the following link :Download PDF