Stimula Chardonnay

To enhance the flavour profile of your Chardonnay

Organic nutrients are making a significant contribution to final wine aroma profile of your Chardonnay.  However if you are also using DAP, be careful for not adding too much of a “good” thing.  Take time to read the attached article for more information on this very relevant topic.


StimulaTM is a new range of 100% yeast autolysate formulated to supply the optimal levels of amino acids, sterols, vitamins and minerals known to optimize the aromatic metabolism of the yeast.  Stimula ChardonnayTM is particular rich in biotin, B6 vitamins, magnesium and zinc which optimize the volatile ester biosynthesis by the yeast.  Use Stimula ChardonnayTM at 40 g/hl at the first 1/3 of alcoholic fermentation to enhance the biosynthesis of aroma compounds and support the bioconversion of precursors to volatile esters until the end of the fermentation.

Organic yeast nutrients Chardonnay aroma Karien Okennedy