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‘How to restart a Stuck Alcoholic Fermentation’ Procedure


Wine fermentation Guidelines for New Zealand Sauvignon blanc

The following document showcases some key strategies to maximize the potential of New Zealand Sauvignon blanc during wine fermentation

Guideline SB NZ 2018

Safe alcoholic fermentation : Providing complete nutrition for the wine yeast

A practical vinification guide to help protect wine yeast and manage alcoholic fermentation successfully

Safe AF

Acclimatisation of MBR Bacteria for the induction of MLF in difficult or harsh wine conditions

Although MBR bacteria are designed to withstand direct inoculation into wine, if the wine conditions are particularly hostile, Lallemand recommend to ‘acclimatize the bacteria to the particular wine conditions. The following document outlines the procedure to acclimatize MBR bacteria in harsh conditions.

MLF_Lallemand PROCEDURE for MBR Aclimatisation TW140227a