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When biodiversity meets terroir at the XXVIe Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand

The wine terroir is commonly defined as the result of interactions of different environmental and human factors including the climate, the soil, the grape varieties and the technical choices implemented. Each of these factors contributes to the character and wines of a regrion. Recent discoveries in the field of microbiology pave the way today for a better understanding of another diversity factor: microbial biodiversity in the vineyard and in the winery. To celebrate its XXVIe Entretiens Scientifiques, Lallemand invites scientists of the world to explore this little known dimension of the terroir.

The XXVIe Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand will be held in Osoyoos in Canada, on 28 April 2016, on the subject of the relationships between the wine terroir and microbial biodiversity. During this international conference, various experts and scientists from around the world will present the results of the latest advances in scientific research on this subject still little explored.. The scientists invited by Lallemand will shed light on the evolution of microorganism ecology in the vineyard and during fermentations. Using the results from multiple and repeated winemaking for several years, several wineries and vineyards and winemaking in different conditions, they will expose the extent of the potential of microbial biodiversity for the expression of the character and the wines.

Program ESL Lallemand Lr

Yeast in winery fermentations over a five year period

Dr Daniel Durall


Effects of initial sulfur dioxide addition on wine yeast strains in spontaneous

fermentations at a Canadian winery

Dr Sydney Morgan


A look into the microbial populations of Washington State vineyards and

their persistence during wine fermentation

Dr Thomas Henick-Kling


Precision enology: comprehensive wine terroir analysis with Wineseq

Dr Elizabeth Hénaff


Through the Looking Glass: A view into both “native” (non-inoculated)

fermentations and fermentations inoculated with commercial yeast strains.

Richard DeScenzo


Microoganisms and terroir wines

Vincent Gerbaux