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Unique specific autolysate to help with Pinot noir colour and texture management

Recent research has given us a much better understanding of how yeast and phenolic compounds interact in
red wine, enabling us to better characterize the biochemical and biophysical properties of yeast with unique
wine-relevant characteristics. We have described the development of a specific yeast autolysate with unique
wine sensory impacting properties. A yeast autolysate (MEX-WY1) was prepared from a wine yeast with distinctive
characteristics. Studies using model grape must revealed the involvement of mannoproteins in the
soluble fraction of the autolysate in the formation of stable complexes that contribute to colour stabilization
and reduction in wine astringency.
Winery trials demonstrated that adding the specific autolysate MEX-WY1 at the beginning of fermentation
had a positive effect on wine sensory characteristics such as colour, mouthfeel, and fruitiness in red wine,
especially Pinot Noir wines. Thus, the new specific autolysate constitutes a unique tool to improve colour and
texture management in Pinot Noir.
MEX-WY1 has been released as commercial product, OPTI-MUM RED™.

OMR Color and Texture

Published Mar 4, 2020