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Lalvin Elios 1™

Red Wine

Oenococcus oeni; for premium red wines to develop fresh, varietal aromas and good mid-palate intensity.

Elios® 1 was isolated, selected and tested by ICV® (Institut Cooperatif du Vin) – in Languedoc-Roussillon region, France – for its quick and reliable degradation of malic acid in most mediterranean and Rhone red wines. Elios® 1 has the capacity to enhance the sensory profiles of red wines. Elios® 1 contributes to increase the sensation of reds fruits and spicy notes, with an higher complexity and tanin intensity ; the mouthfeel of wines is also improved.

Alcohol Tolerance
15.5 %

pH Tolerance

SO₂ Total Tolerance
<50 mg/L

Nutrient Demand

Min. Temperature Tolerance
18 °C

Max. Temperature Tolerance
28 °C

Biogenic Amines

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