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Enoferm Alpha® MBR

Selected by IFV, France

Oenococcus oeni

Red Wine

White Wine

Oenococcus oeni sensory complexity and mouthfeel over wide ranging difficult conditions.

Alpha was selected by the Institut Francais de la vigne et du vin (IFV), France, from spontaneous malolactic fermentations showing excellent fermentation activity and sensory contribution. Organoleptically the strain Alpha enhances velvet red fruits, roundness and complexity in red wines and respects varietal aromas in white wines. This strain has a tendency to reduce green and vegetative flavours.

Alcohol Tolerance
15.5 %

pH Tolerance
> 3.2

SO₂ Total Tolerance
<50 mg/L

Nutrient Demand

Min. Temperature Tolerance
14 °C

Max. Temperature Tolerance
28 °C

Diacetyl Production during co-Inoculation
Very low

Sensory Impact
Complexity and mouthfeel

Diacetyl Production by Post AF Inoculation
Moderate to Low

Citric Acid Degradation
Late to moderate degradation during MLF

Biogenic Amines

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