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New Zealand harvest – Lallemand is ready for the 2017 vintage for all your wine fermentation needs

We have just commenced the 2017 vintage, and the team at Lallemand Oenology and CAL are ready to support and help you through the harvest and wine fermentation period. Lallemand Oenology has furthered its wine fermentation expertise by researching high wine yeasts and wine  bacteria. Our team and associated network are in close daily contact with the researchers and users of Lallemand Oenology products in their regions. Regional team members serve their customers’ needs, provide training and offer oenological advice. Their work is carried out in collaboration with a network of recognised distributors and specialists who operate in the heart of each wine region.

Vintage 2017

Current reports of delayed ripeness and some disease pressure may require early interventions by winemakers. Lallemand suggests the following two SIY (Specific Inactivated Yeast) products that may be used during the fermentation process to manage this type of fruit matrix.

OptiMUM Red™

  • High polysaccharide content promotes complexing with polyphenols in red wines
  • More intense colours, rounder mouthfeel and decreased perception of astringency
  • Assists in reducing harsh, green characters in unripe or diseased fruit

OptiMUM White™

  • To reduce harsh acid perception and increase freshness in white wines
  • Preservation of grape aromas due to high levels of reduced-glutathione
  • Highest level of true, active glutathione in the marketFor the 2017 Vintage Lallemand & CAL are expanding our offering by providing regional distribution centres, applied fermentation and dedicated winemaking support.Lallemand stock is now available in both Blenheim and Auckland.

For CAL – Lallemand Orders:       John Carter; Phone: 09 836 4974

South Island Technical Queries:  Sonal Shouler Phone: 0211104705

North Island Technical Queries:  Evan Ward Phone: 0272876446