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Lallemand’s Montreal yeast plant celebrates 100 years

Lallemand is proud to announce that its Montréal yeast plant is celebrating its 100th year on September 19, 2015.  Located in the south-east of Montreal, the yeast plant was built in 1915 by the original founder of Lallemand,  Alsacian-born Fred Schuerer (called ‘l’allemand’), who founded the company at the end of the 19th century.

100 Years for Montreal Pland
Celebrating 100 years

This yeast plant, where many different wine yeasts are grown and produced is the flagship plant of Lallemand, and it still stands today where it was originally built on Préfontaine street,.

Always innovating in terms of production optimization and with a strong link to the R&D process group, this yeast plant produces many of the wine yeasts available today.


A local celebration with the surrounding neighborhood and the city is organized on September 19th.  Congratulations to 100 years of excellence and innovation.


About Lallemand

Lallemand – a leading producer of wine yeast and bacteria selected from nature, and their nutrients, and a distributor of oenological enzymes – is a privately owned Canadian corporation with divisions operating around the world. The Oenology Division, based in Toulouse, France, has a major focus on research and development, both in-house and in collaboration with renowned research institutes.