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STIMULA SYRAH™ - Premium custom-made nutrition for selected wine yeast

From the Stimula™ range is the new Stimula Syrah™, especially developed to help with the release of varietal aromas(thiols, terpenes and norisoprenoids) and avoid sulfur off-flavors.

Stimula Syrah™ is particularly rich in different nitrogen sources (peptides and free amino acids), specific vitamins (pantothenate, thiamine) and minerals adapted to Syrah, and similar varieties.

As the uptake of thiol precursors occurs in the very early stages of fermentation, the addition of Stimula Syrah™ at the very beginning of the alcoholic fermentation (AF) will enhance yeast metabolism, avoiding any catabolic repression and increasing the transporter’s efficiency. This is essential for thiol precursors and their bioconversion to volatile thiols, particularly 3-mercaptohexanol (3MH). In addition, the high level of vitamins (pantothenic acid) helps to avoid H2S production and limits the excessive reductive character that masks positive aromas. The optimized content in oligo-element (magnesium) also increases the yeast ethanol resistance.

It is particularly well adapted to work with the Lalvin Persy yeast to avoid negative sulfur compounds and maximize the positives ones such as thiols as can be shown in this Winemaking Update: WUP S-compounds Persy Stimula Syrah – ENG.

Published Sep 26, 2021 | Updated Apr 28, 2024

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