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IMW - Webinar - Biogenic amines: the impact on wine sanitary status and quality

IMW Supporter Lallemand Oenology is hosting a webinar in collaboration with the Institute of Masters of Wine.

The session will cover the topic of biogenic amines, its impact on wine quality and sanitary status.


The presence of biogenic amines such as histamine, tyramine, putrescine and cadaverine in wine is becoming increasingly important to consumers and producers alike, due to the potential threats of intolerance reactions and their impact on the sensory quality of wines.

The health impacts from excess histamine can include nausea, hot flushes, headaches, facial flushing and respiratory distress.

Biogenic amines may have a negative impact in a wine’s aroma, resulting in wines that have lost varietal character and are faulty. Additionally, their presence can be a strong indicator that microbial spoilage has occurred.

To learn more about biogenic amines, three experts on the topic will share their knowledge about the impact,  prevalence, legislation, prevention through the use of proper microbial control, especially with selected wine bacteria for malolactic fermentation and how the trend low SO2 wines can influence their concentration.

The session will be moderated by Sam Harrop MW

Participants from all countries are encouraged to register interest as the session may be repeated to cover additional time zones. The webinar will be recorded.


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Published Jul 7, 2021

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