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The wine yeast IONYS™ is cited in the Innovation awards at Vinitech 2016.

Resulting from a collaboration between Lallemand Oenology and INRA Montpellier, IONYSWF ™: naturally produce balanced wines. This wine yeast is indeed able to increase the acidity of the wine and reduce the level of alcohol during fermentation. Lallemand Oenology is proud to have won a citation from innovations VINITECH 2016.

IONYSWF ™: a major innovation for the development of naturally balanced wines

Higher alcohol levels and lower wine acidity levels are increasingly observed nowadays. If corrective solutions exist in the vineyard and in the winery, they are expensive and not always entirely satisfactory. This is why the search for natural alternatives or complementary solutions is an issue of wine. The result of a research collaboration between INRA Montpellier and Lallemand, IONYSWF ™ is the first wine yeast S. cerevisiae allowing a significant acidification of the must. In addition, its unique metabolism enables it to reduce the final alcohol content while producing more glycerol.

The use of IONYSWF ™ is particularly recommended for red winemaking and to obtain fresher and more balanced wines.