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2017 Lallemand Oenology Bursary awarded to Masters of Wine student Elizabeth Kelly

The Institute of Masters of Wine and Lallemand are delighted to announce that Elizabeth Kelly, from the U.K. , has won the 2017 Lallemand Bursary.

As part of the prize, Elizabeth is invited to attend one of our seminar in 2017.

On hearing the news regarding the Bursary, Elizabeth  said:

“I am delighted to have won the Lallemand scholarship and looking forward receiving this generous bursary, as well as attending Lallemand’s seminar in this year. I look forward to understanding further how Lallemand is contributing to the world of winemaking through their research into yeasts, bacteria , I am sure I will learn a lot on the trip and feel sure that it will be very useful for my Master of Wines studies in the future.”