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Tao PLATON receives the LALLEMAND BURSARY a second time!

 Congratulations Tao!

We are delighted to announce that Tao Platon, student at the Institute of Masters of Wine, is the winner of the Lallemand Bursary for his outstanding essay on biogenic amines!

This is the second time that Tao, technical director for Peninsula Vinicultores (PENÍNSULA — Vinicultores (, has received the bursary. In 2019, he  received the  prize for his analysis on the benefits of selected malolactic bacteria. It looks like Tao is a wine bacteria fan!

It is quite an accomplishment to win the Lallemand Bursary twice.

On receiving the prize, Tao said: “Lallemand pushed me to investigate current problems and the new scientific reality to address them. It makes me a better student and a better professional. It is a real honour to win this award again.”

This year, students were asked to write an essay on “Biogenic Amines in wine: what is the source, what is the potential impact to human health and what are the options available to winemakers to control its levels?”

Tao’s essay showed a mastery of the topic and well-researched, science-based comprehension. We, at Lallemand, wish him the best of luck for the rest of his studies and hope that winning the prize was a further encouragement!

Congratulations to you again Tao!

Read the Institute of Masters of Wine’s press release here: MW student Tao Platon awarded the Lallemand bursary | The Institute of Masters of Wine

Published Jun 21, 2022 | Updated Apr 28, 2024

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