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Inhibits the growth of Botrytis

Viticulture Benefits
Activates the natural defenses of the plant. Prevents the growth of the fungus, limiting the spread of the Botrytis cinerea infection.: Reduces yield losses due to Botrytis attack during the maturation phase It does not cause any type of residue problem in the grape and does not interfere with the fermentation of the musts.and it fungal origin that guarantees greater recognition by the plant

Oenological Benefits
By reducing the Botrytis infection, the gluconic level decreases producing higher quality grapes and resulting wines.

Red Wine

White Wine

Rose Wine

Natural solution for Botrytis control

From flowering to ripening. Recommended to apply before bunch closure. Preventive use: 200-400 g/ha (100 g/hL). Conditions of high risk of Botrytis development and/or curative use: 500-600 g/ha.

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