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Increase and advance accumulation of aroma precursors

Viticulture Benefits
Increase in berry skin thickness, impact of berry weight, Brix, pH, TA, Increased varietal aroma compounds

Oenological Benefits
In thiolic varieties: increased 3MH and 3MHA in wines, reduced herbaceous and aggressive character, higher stability of aroma compounds, increased concentration of GSH,

White Wine

100% specific fractions of selected inactivated yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, non -GMO, to ncrease and advance the accumulation of aroma precursors

1st Application at the beginning of veraison at 3 kg / ha and 2nd Application = 7 - 14 days after 1st application,best 10-12 days after 1st application at best 10-12 days after 1st application at 3kg/ha

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