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Lallzyme Lyso-EASY

Inhibition of MLF

Red Wine

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Ready-to-use solution of lysozyme

Lallzyme LYSO-EASY™ is a purified natural enzyme preparation extracted from egg whites and is specific for inhibiting Gram-positive bacteria. Lallzyme LYSO-EASY™ is a very efficient lysozyme solution (22% solution, no preservatives, stable at room temperature for 18 months or longer when refrigerated) that can be added directly to the must, juice or wine. It works by lysing the protective outer membrane of Gram-positive bacteria. It does not inhibit yeast or Gram-negative bacteria, such as Acetobacter. To reduce the risk of spoilage lactic acid bacteria, use Lallzyme LYSO-EASY™ during cold soak, spontaneous fermentations, sluggish or stuck alcoholic fermentations, extended maceration and micro-oxygenation.


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