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Prakticni savjeti za vinare

U suradnji sa nasim dugogodisnjim partnerom u Hrvatskoj, ove godine izradili smo knjizicu sa prakticnim savjetima za vinare, te kratkim opisom svih Lallemandovih proizvoda dostupnih u Hrvatskoj. Za pristup knjizici kliknite na link ispod. Prakticni savjeti za vinare-za WEB

YSEO process: a unique yeast production process

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SIY for red wines

A consise explanation of the production process and the sensory contribution of Lallemand Specific Inactivated Yeast products for red wine.

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Level2 Solutions

Lallemand is exploring the use of non-Saccharomyces yeast with aromatic properties that are unique from those found in Saccharomyces, in order to contribute a more complex aromatic profile.

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