Understanding varietal aromas during alcoholic and malolactic fermentations

Proceeding of the XXIVes Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand – ‘Understanding Varietal Aromas During Alcoholic and Malolactic Fermetnations’.  This booklet includes a presentation by…


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YSEO process: a unique yeast production process

Lallemand has developed a unique yeast production process called YSEO® (Yeast Security and Sensory Optimization). This process increases fermentation reliability and security…

Winemaking Update n°1-2010

Sequential Inoculation with Torulaspora delbrueckii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeasts: The Next Level in Fermentation Download PDF

Winemaking Update n°3 – 2010

Balanced Nutrition for Healthy Alcoholic Fermentation Download PDF

SIY for red wines

A consise explanation of the production process and the sensory contribution of Lallemand Specific Inactivated Yeast products for red wine. Download PDF