Bacteria rehydration

Lallemand offers two popular formats of freeze-dried bacteria cultures:

The MBR® form of malolactic bacteria represents a Lallemand acclimatization process that subjects the bacteria cells to various biophysical stresses, making them better able to withstand the rigors of direct addition to wine. The conditioned MBR® bacteria that survive are robust and possess the ability to conduct reliable malolactic fermentation (MLF), even under difficult wine conditions.

1-STEP® : The 1-TEP® starter kit contains one of our popular MBR® bacteria and an activator mix that require a short acclimatization protocol to “wake-up” the bacteria and activate their metabolism. Unlike the MBR® cultures, the 1-STEP® cultures are not preconditioned at our Lallemand bacteria facility and therefore require a simple rehydration/activation step 24 hours before they can be inoculated into the wine.

Four popular MBR® bacteria – ENOFERM ALPHA™, ENOFERM BETA™, LALVIN VP41® and PN4™ – are now available as 1-STEP® starter kit cultures. The 1-STEP® cultures perform as well as or better than MBR® cultures, especially under more challenging MLF conditions, and they are recommended for restarting stuck MLF.


Easy rehydration and inoculation protocol for MBR® bacteria cultures and for 1-STEP bacteria culture : Download PDF