Grape growers and winemakers look for opportunities to improve the quality of grapes and wine. Grape production depends on genetic (varieties, clones, rootstocks), environmental and cultural factors. Combact the effects of climate change, reduction of chemicals, getting better balance grapes with the best maturity are some of the challenges faced.

Lallemand Oenology started R&D programs with the aim of bringing its expertise and experience in microbiology to the viticulture and grape production. Under LalVigne® range, grape growers and winemakers can find the solutions of Lallemand Oenology for the vineyard.

The production of quality wines in the winery begins with the production of high quality grapes in the vineyard.

The moment of veraison marks a countdown for harvesting and serves as an indicator to evaluate the heterogeneity or not of a plot and also to act improving maturation.

A more uniform veraison leads to a more homogeneous maturation and thus improve the quality of the wine through a more balanced grape composition.

This can be reached through the patented technology (Lallemand Inc.), based on the foliar spray at veraison of 100% natural, inactivated wine yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae that impact the production of positive secondary metabolites in grapes, such as polyphenols, terpenes, and other aromatic precursors. LalVigne MATURE™ helps to achive phenolic maturity and balance in your grapes easier. LalVigne AROMA™ increases the aroma precursors in grapes and enhances the flavor profle of your wines.
Both, LalVigne MATURE™ and LalVigne AROMA™ are nonpathogenic, non-hazardous, food grade and non-GMO.