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PURE-LEES DELICACY™: A new selected specific inactivated yeast to enhance the delicacy of red wines

PURE-LEES DELICACY™ is a specific inactivated yeast used to help with the formation of stable soluble complexes with phenolic compounds leading to an optimal coating of the wine tannins. Applied towards the end of the alcoholic fermentation, PURE-LEES DELICACY™ improves red wine quality by smoothing the texture without modifying the wine structure.

It is part of the PURE-LEES™  new range of specific inactivated yeasts developed and produced from an innovative process called High Pressure Homogenization (HPH™). This mechanical process leads to the disruption of wine yeast cells to maximize the interaction capacity of yeast constituents within the wine matrix.

Published Jun 25, 2021

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