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The growing success of the 2014 ML School: 75 wine experts and winemakers from 18 different wine countries

On June10 and 11th, the fourth edition of the “International ML School ” developed by the oenology division of Lallemand was held in Toulouse. The training was attended by 75 winemakers and wine experts or representatives of eighteen different countries (U.S., Japan, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria). This initiative supports the development of the proper management of malolactic fermentation and the use of selected wine bacteria and is part of a training program of the ” Lallemand Malolactic Fermentation Education.”

Between conferences, workshops and tastings, it was demonstrated that even more than just reducing acidity in and stabilization of wines, wine bacteria are true agents of winemaking and strongly affect the quality of wine.

The ML School was privileged to have experts on wine bacteria and malolactic fermentation (MLF) as speakers, included, Dr. Eveline Bartowski (Australian Wine Research Institute), and Vincent Gerbaux (IFV, Beaune) and Dr. Sibylle Krieger, Ms. Magali Déléris-Bou, José Maria Heras and Mr Anthony Silvano of the Lallemand research team. Patrice Laforce, former plant manager for bacteria, also presented our know-how in the production of wine bacteria.

Tasting workshops have demonstrated the importance of controlling MLF to limit the development of contaminants but also the positive sensory impact of our different wine bacteria on the sensory profile of red and white wines from trials conducted in 6 countries (Russia, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Germany).

The ML School also includes national programs that help bring winemakers from different countries together. Training in 2014 has taken place or are underway in Italy, Switzerland, Japan and will be held in October 2014 in Chile and Argentina.